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Recommendations for hepatitis A and B surveillance and prevention.

These recommendations are the major outcome of the project and were established after multiple interactions with the participating countries. pdf version available on the guidelines page

Resuming meeting in Malta:

A EUROHEP.NET meeting was held in Malta, all countries that participated in the first (survey) and/or second phase (comments on the guidelines) of the project were invited.
Most presentations, the participants list and a group picture are available on the meeting page.

Progress reports:

Summary of the progress reports of the first and the second year of the project are accessible.


All pages of the book: Surveillance and prevention of Vaccine Preventable Hepatitis: Data on surveillance and prevention of hepatitis A and B in 22 countries 1990s-2001 are electronically accessible.
In this book data collected from 22 countries during the first phase of the EUROHEP.NET project is presented in a uniform way.

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