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EUROHEP.NET meeting - Malta,
April  20-21/04/’05

Participantslist 79 KB (.pdf) and group photo 456 KB (.jpg)


Wednesday, 20 April  2005

Session 1: Overview of the EUROHEP.NET project and results 

Chairmen: Bogdan Petrunov and Johannes Hallauer 

09h00 Welcome and opening by Department of Public Health of Malta
Charmaine Gauci

09h15 Welcome and introduction of the participants Review meeting programme and objectives of the meeting 548 KB(.pdf)
Pierre Van Damme 

09h30 Overview of the project, time line, objectives, outputs 673 KB (.pdf)
Alex Vorsters

09h45 Material and methods, limitations  585 KB (.pdf)
Koen Van Herck

10h00 Presentation of the EUROHEP.NET survey results: Surveillance systems, measurement and reporting of Hepatitis A and B epidemiology 550 KB (.pdf)
Mira Kojouharova

10h20 Presentation of the EUROHEP.NET survey results: Measurement and reporting of burden of disease for Hepatitis A and B 1012 KB (.pdf)
Paolo Bonanni

11h10 Presentation of the EUROHEP.NET survey results: Adaptation or simplification of hepatitis A vaccination programmes 611 KB (.pdf)
Ron Dagan

11h30 Presentation of the EUROHEP.NET survey results: Overview of hepatitis B prevention programmes and measurement and reporting of vaccination effectiveness of Hepatitis B 792 KB (.pdf)
Elke Leuridan

11h55 Resume of the process used to create guidelines for harmonisation surveillance and prevention of vaccine preventable viral hepatitis in Europe, from the obtained survey results 746 KB (.pdf)
Pierre Van Damme

Session 2: Workshops

14h00 Introduction to the Workshops 377 KB (.pdf)
Koen Van Herck

14h15 Workshops on ‘acceptability and implementability’ of the EUROHEP.NET proposed guidelines
Workshop A: Surveillance of hepatitis A Moderator: Paolo Bonanni
Workshop B: Surveillance of hepatitis B  Moderator: Mira Kojouharova
Workshop C: Prevention of hepatitis A Moderator: Ron Dagan
Workshop D: Prevention of hepatitis B  Moderator: Pierre Van Damme

Session 3: Universal hepatitis A and B vaccination programmes

Chairman: Wieslaw Magdzik and Vytautas Usonis

16h30 Should universal hepatitis A vaccination be implemented?
Ron Dagan

17h00 Hepatitis B vaccination in Italy 276 KB (.pdf)
Paolo Bonanni

17h30 Close of the day

Thursday, 21 April  2005

Session 4: Feedback of the workshops

Chairmen: Pierre Van Damme and Mira Kojouharova

09H00 Feedback of the 4 workshops

Workshop A: Surveillance of hepatitis A Rapporteur: Katharina Alpers
Workshop B: Surveillance of hepatitis B Rapporteur: Helmut Mittermayer
Workshop C: Prevention of hepatitis A Rapporteur: Koen Van Herck
Workshop D: Prevention of hepatitis B Rapporteur: Alenka Kraigher

Session 5: Review the landscape of related EU-projects

Chairmen: Nedret Emiroglu and Viviane Van Casteren

11h00 ESEN II: The comparative sero-epidemiology of Hepatitis A and B in 14 countries participating in the ESEN II 219 KB (.pdf)
Anthony Nardone

11h30 Basic Surveillance Network 649 KB (.pdf)
Peter Frändberg

12h00 Feasibility study for a collaborative surveillance of hepatitis A in Europe 321 KB (.pdf)
Yvonne Andersson

12h30 The ‘Foodborne viruses in Europe’ programme
Marion Koopmans

Session 6: World Health Organization activities in Europe

Chairmen: Ron Dagan and Paolo Bonanni

14h30 Immunization Programme and Prevention and Control of Hepatitis  B in the European Region
of the World Health Organization
2490 KB (.pdf)
Nedret Emiroglu

Session 7: Conclusion of the meeting 

15h00 Resuming on the agreed proposals to the EC and topics identified for the future 690 KB (.pdf)
Pierre Van Damme

16h00 Close of the meeting


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